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About us

We are based in the centre of Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, where we run an antique shop. We also have a large warehouse near Prague where we stock most of our goods.

We are a team of people who are passionate about 20th century furniture design, primarily from Central and Western Europe, especially from Czechoslovakia, Italy, Germany, Austria etc. For many years, we have traded in the most interesting designer pieces of the early 20th century and pre-war period, and also the best of the modern designs of the post-war period.

Our long-term goal is to offer professional designers, dealers and privat person from around the world to establish a mutually beneficial business relationship through supplying historical and rare design pieces, enabling to obtain a reliable supply of top quality 20th Century European furniture and antiquities.

We co-operate with designers, privat persons and dealers across the Europe, and also further overseas. We are  convinced that European designs of the 20th century are some of the best that have been made.  The European pre, and post-war period produced a huge amount of unique pieces, both in design and art, which  the world’s auction houses have seen sold for significant sums in many cases.

Our focus is not solely on the financial benefits that this enterprise may bring. We believe that these items have great historical as well as monetary value, and each of them carries with it its own long and unique story.

We are very proud of what we have to offer, and our pieces already appear in many homes around the world. It is our goal and our dream that this should continue in order to widen the appreciation of what we believe to be some of the most beautiful antique furnishings available in the world today.

Welcome to our store, feel free to browse and select any items that appeal, and check our FAQ or contact us should you have any questions.


Please don’t hesitate to call and arrange a visit to our warehouse facility near Prague.


Treboradicka street,
Prague 8,
Czech Republic

Number ID: 247 143 72

+420 608 925 420


Vitice, Hřiby,
Townshop Kolin,
Czech republic

+420 608 925 420

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©Your20th. All rights reserved.