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Experience Mid-Century Modern Style at Its Finest with Jitona: A Leading Furniture Brand in Europe

Jitona is a top brand of mid-century modern style, not only in Czechoslovakia but also in Europe. The brand has collaborated with famous names such as Hubert Nepožitek, Bohumil Landsman, and Jaroslav Šmídek, and its emphasis has been mainly on design, particularly in the famous mid-century modern furniture, especially for the living room.

Jitona has also worked with the Institute of Housing and Clothing Culture and supported student competitions focused on non-traditional shapes and materials. The brand has exported furniture to the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union, as well as to other countries like England, Canada, France, and Belgium. Additionally, it served as a subcontractor for the Swedish furniture giant, Ikea, for several years.

The brand’s serial production mainly included living and dining sets, kitchen units, children’s rooms, bedrooms, and various storage systems. But Jitona has also furnished important buildings such as Hotel Praha, Motel Stop, Palace of Culture, and the embassy in Beijing with unique pieces.

During the 1960s, Jitona set the tone for furniture design in Czechoslovakia, and thanks to the innovative product range led by Hubert Nepožitek, it continued to follow world trends until the 1970s.

The advertising slogan of the time was “You live happily in a cozy apartment,” and Jitona lived up to its promise to furnish homes with advice and action. At present, pieces from this famous production can be found in our e-shop.

Jitona’s legacy as a trendsetter in furniture design is undeniable. Its mid-century modern style has stood the test of time, and the brand’s collaborations with renowned designers and institutions have contributed to its success.

Hubert Nepožitek played a vital role in Jitona’s innovative product range, which followed world trends until the 1970s. The brand’s commitment to unconventional shapes and materials and its support for student competitions further demonstrate its forward-thinking approach to design. At our e-shop, we are proud to offer pieces from Jitona’s famous production, so you too can experience the elegance and timelessness of mid-century modern style in your home.

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