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A pair of chairs Thonet catalogue number 14, manufactured in Bohemia circa 1920´s. In good Vintage condition. Bear signs of age and using through some fading, minor scratches etc.
Designed by Michael Thonet in 1859, the Model 14 bentwood chair is still made today by the Gebrüder Thonet company as Model 214 and is one of the world’s most successful commercial products. The Thonet bentwood chair consists of only six components (plus a few screws and nuts) – a design virtually unchanged for over 150 years. The Price is for pair.

height: 90 cm

width: 45 cm

depth: 48 cm




Advantages of buying in bulk

As a business owner, you are likely on the constant lookout for ways to reduce overhead costs for your company. One potential strategy is to purchase items in bulk for your business. Buying in bulk reduces the cost per unit and can reduce how much you pay in the long run on supplies and products.

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