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Retro and vintage every month into your shops

Asking a question why items, supplements and furniture from the period about mid-century are becoming increasingly popular, it is not easy. Is it for a nostalgy? Have designers previously been more imaginative than the contemporary? Or is contemporary design because of its simplicity so variable, that can be coordinated and combined with Vintage?

All these questions can be answered affirmativly in principle. Vintage can really make miracles with using the contemporary interior designers.

The question is what can already be considered vintage …. It is the period from the 60s? Or earlier? We find under this term really equipped the period of beginning of mid-century. Especially the 60s and 70s. In this period there was a new wave of world-renowned designers to simplify the overall design still ingrained furniture. Many of us remember the design of our homes or the homes of our grandmothers and grandfathers, and we hardly had assumed that someday would be so popular.
And therefore we each month bring the best of Vintage what appears in our offer 🙂

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©Your20th. All rights reserved.